A 3am Ambulance Ride, But Mama Bryan is Ok!

A few people reached out about a post that one of the siblings wrote about a 3am ambulance ride before we had the change to post about it. People were very worried, but we can assure you – Mama Bryan is ok! In the wee hours of the morning on Thursday July 21st, Mary woke up and was terribly ill. She was able to rouse Bill and Peter and all three of them weren’t sure exactly what to do. Finally, Mary said she didn’t think she could make it in the car to get to a local urgent care, so they decided to call 911 and have an ambulance come. The ambulance came and hooked Mary up to an IV immediately – to help with hydration – after being so violently ill. Then they accessed what was going on and determined that she needed to go to the hospital for further tests. The ambulance took her to the local Trinity Hospital (10 minutes away) and they ended up doing a few tests to make sure that there weren’t any blockages or anything more serious going on. After all of that, they ended up determining that our mom was dehydrated and constipated (sorry, folks! Just being real!) We are so grateful to report that it wasn’t serious and actually this has helped us in our further discernment in what Mary needs to focus on and work on during this time. So although she took a little 3am ambulance ride, Mary is doing well – and we’re all taking this journey day by day.

Lots of love,

The Bryan clan

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