Birthdays Galore!

We’ve had a few weeks of birthday celebrations, which has been fun, festive, and delicious! We celebrated Peter’s birthday on July 27th with our mama’s infamous Shepherd’s Pie (made by the queen of the kitchen, Moira), as well as custard pie and a vegan/gluten-free alternative for the girls.

A few weeks later on August 13th, we celebrated Kate’s birthday with a good ol’ American barbecue with chicken and steaks (thanks to our all-American grizzler, Joe), as well as corn on the cob, a salad, lemon pepper potatoes (we love these that we learned to make from our Dufek cousins!), and gluten-free funfetti cupcakes. We also toasted to Moira (her birthday is on September 8th) and Delia (who’s birthday is on November 20th) and we probably should have toasted to our mama (her birthday is October 22nd) too, but we were so distracted because we had been waiting with bated breath to watch the last two episodes of Stranger Things – together.

We had all held off watching the two episodes that were released a month or so ago and wanted to wait to watch the episodes together. Plus, none of us had really had the chance to watch with all of the hospital visits, siblings schedules, and all of the other life adventures we’ve been experiencing these past few weeks. But it finally happened!

After dinner, we moved the TV into the porch (which is where our mom spends most of her days and evenings) and we all packed onto the porch with pillows and blankets to watch our beloved show. It was a beautiful memory that we hope to relive when the next season comes out. Praise Jesus that there is ONE MORE SEASON!!! (if you know you know – haha)

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