Family photos

We have been going through old photos and reminiscing about memories and stories. But thanks to our amazing friends, Alicia + Harrison (Moira’s friends from childhood and the photographers for both Moira and Kate’s wedding), we had the opportunity to make new memories and capture one last snapshot of our life as a family, at our family home – with all of the members of our family, including those who have joined in recent years.

Last week, we all got dressed up, Peter and Brittany travelled back up to Michigan from Clemson, and Alicia + Harrison came to our Brighton home to take photos of us with our mama, our papa, and all of us together as a family. They even got a few pictures of our dogs!

We’ll be sharing more photos soon, but wanted to share a few of our favorites. Enjoy!

The whole family on the front steps of childhood home – the house that Mary and Bill bought in 1982, right before they got married.
Mary and Bill, just as it began… two people who fell in love.
You know Mary is in good spirits when she’s bossing the kids around and making them tend her garden – haha!
In order: Delia (33, will be 34 in November), Moira (almost 35), Mary, Bill, Kate (38), and Peter (39)
Blessed to be a part of this family! xo

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