Fr. Mathias Visited and Prayed Over Mary

Fr. Mathias Thelan visited the Bryan household today to pray over and visit with Mary.

Fr. Mathias administered the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick and prayed over Mary for healing and peace. Mary had asked for last rites, which was the reason for Fr. Mathias’ visit, but after seeing Mary and visiting with her for a bit – Fr. Mathias shared that we should focus on praying for healing and peace at this moment in time and that he could come back anytime to do last rites, when needed. The Bryan house is less than a mile away from St. Patrick’s Church in Brighton, so it would take a matter of minutes for Fr. Mathias or Fr. Miguel to get over here, whenever they’re needed.

Fr. Mathias is well-known around the diocese of Lansing and across the country for his healing and powerful prayers and prayer ministry, Encounter Ministries. We are so grateful for Fr. Mathias’ visit and for his prayers. We continue to pray for a miracle.

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