Our Two Sweet Dogs – National Dog Day


If you’ve been to the Brighton farmhouse, you know that Mary and Bill have the two sweetest dogs. They have both been guard dogs of the house, although Eddie is the much more intimidating one, and both pups are keeping watch over Mary during this chapter. They sit at the foot of her bed or on the floor by the couch, if she’s out on the porch. They bark and alert us anytime anyone walks by the house or drives up. And they’re both constantly keeping watch and “doing rounds” around the house. In honor of National Dog Day, we thought we would celebrate our sweet pups on the blog!

As many of you know, Eddie was raised for Leader Dogs for the Blind, but failed because he loves to play too much – like the dog from the movie “Up.” And Maggie was rescued from a puppy farm and we adopted her at six months old. The two dogs are the two best friends and are keeping Mary and the family company during this difficult time.

We love Eddie and Maggie!

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