Mary and Bill’s 40th Wedding Anniversary – This Sunday!

Mary and Bill on September 25th, 1982

This Sunday – September 25th – marks Mary and Bill’s 40th wedding anniversary. 40 years is no small feat and what a gift that we have all had the opportunity to watch their life together bear much fruit. ⁣

Once Mary received her terminal diagnosis in mid-July, her ONE goal became to make it to her and Bill’s 40th anniversary. Her body and her cancer had other ideas, but that doesn’t mean her love and legacy don’t live on…. they do. And we want to help HER celebrate her wedding anniversary with her beloved husband, Bill. Will you help us? ⁣

Please send love, anniversary cards, letters, notes, whatever you want to send by Sunday to: ⁣

Bill Bryan⁣

1024 State Street⁣

Brighton, Michigan 48116⁣

We want Bill to feel showered in love by us and his beloved bride. So help us today, but sending a quick note, card, some love his way!⁣

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” – St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta⁣

Marriage and family has the power to change the world. And Mary and Bill’s commitment to one another accomplished that. ❤️

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